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I Have A Divine Connection With The Primordial Mother Earth ; The Crow and Raven Are My Spirit Totems.

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Just For Today... I Will Not Worry

Welcome Divine Gods And Goddesses

Love is Universal and I invite you to be at comfort exploring my site with a mind of Abundance and Accepting Prosperity of Self Love.

Before you explore; recite these Reiki Principles to start your healing process and personal growth.

Just For Today...

I will not Worry

Just For Today...

I will not be Angry

Just For Today...

I will do my work Honestly

Just For Today...

I will give thanks for my many Blessings

Just For Today...

    I will be kind to every living thing 

(Conscious of using your discernment)

   Strive for peace and apply these words; reciting the Reiki Principles in your every day life.


 Anthropology Reiki Master Practitioner 


Ancora Imparo!

"Transformation means ‘to go beyond form’

to a level of conscious understanding

that the real you exists beyond the

physical form of your human body.

You will Spiritually transform

not through becoming divine,

but through the realization that

all your experiences have

served the purpose of awakening

you to your divine nature.

This means that there have been

no unnecessary experiences,

both the pleasurable and painful."

HU Dalconzo

Clients Experiences

During And After Reiki Sessions 

It Is In Darkness The Raven Symbolizes That All That Mingles In The Universe It Is Brought Forth Into The Light. CrowPriestess911

Releasing The Old And Accepting The New

Clients Experiences

During And After Reiki Sessions

Transformation Leads To The Unknown

Our Chakras Are Spinning Wheels Of Energy In Our Body Connected With Our Meridians (Nadis). Balanced And Unbalanced

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