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Reiki & Distant Services

My chakra's are aligned with my Higher self and my heightened intuition providing Reiki and distant sessions. Grateful to hear from you by phone or email to start your healing; removing energy blockages, raising your vibrations and personal growth transformation. You are the Creator of your life and your Ego is just an observer on your journey.


Prices For Reiki & Distant Session

My vessel is used to invite the positive universal life forces, My Ancestors, My Guides, My Spirit Totems and Celestial Beings and  Reiki symbols to bring balance and open your chakras and nadis from stagnant energy; mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally . Reiki to  Balance your Future, Present and Past energies that were Inherited (incarnated, characteristic's, Ancestors trait) enhancing your

creativity, intuition and clarity about your Divine path in life. Distant Reiki sessions I can explain to you in details over the phone, by email or person letting you know the information and images I will need to conduct the Reiki session. 

Surrender With No Expectations During Your Reiki Session. Relax And Let The Life Forces Flow


66 Minutes $180.00

 ( 10 min. consultation before and after Reiki session; Smudging with hand picked herbs or palo santo)

66 Minutes $200.00 

(10 min. consultation before and After Reiki session, Smudging with hand picked herbs, Reiki mixed herbs for smudging and burning, Reiki lip balm, Reiki candle (Protection & Cleansing or Relaxation & Meditation) 

crystal Reiki charged (Amethyst)


Monthly Subscription For Clients

66 Minutes 4 Reiki sessions $540.00

5 Minutes Meditation & Breathwork (Anulom Viloms) 

(with follow up 10 min consultation Before & After, Handpicked Sage, Reiki Infused Candle; Protection & Cleansing or Relaxation & Meditation, Crystal Reiki Charged Of Your Choice ; Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Black Obsidian, Amethyst, Rose Quartz ) Reiki lip balm

During Reiki session burning of aroma Indian incense and 

after Reiki session I will smudge your auric field selective hand picked  herbs  ; If comfortable with me burning herbs in your enviornment.

Reiki Circle Private Events 

 Reiki Circle Private Event (2-8 people)

2.5 Hours $450.00 

( Including 20 min consultation Before & After Reiki Session, Hand Pick Herbs For Smudging Auric Field  & Choice of Protection Or Relaxation Reiki Candle  )

During Reiki session burning of aroma Indian incense and after Reiki session I will smudge your auric field; if comfortable with me burning herbs and incense in your environment or outdoors. 

Reiki Home And Office Cleansing 

$400 For Walk Through Home And  Office Cleansing

 ( Including Reiki Protection & Cleansing Candle)

I will work in each room cleansing stagnant energy or negative energy ; working with Reiki symbols and My Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels and My Spirit Totems. I speak positive words into existence in each room and will replenish your atmosphere with High Frequencies from the Universe with burning of herbs such as Mugwort, Sage or Palo Santo . I will burn one herb that I feel would be beneficial for your home and office cleansing.  I recommend Three consecutive visits.

 I accept payments using Cash App, Pay Pal & Venmo in person.

I accept Credit Cards and Cash.

You will be given a electronic receipt for my services. 



To secure your Reiki sessions with me there is a one time non-refundable deposit required of $50.00 dollars which would be applied to your remaining cost when purchasing of Reiki session total minutes cost. I do not give refunds after I have completed a Reiki Session; such as one on one, group Reiki sessions and Reiki home and office cleansing.

Respectively Cancel Your Reiki Session With Me Within 24 Hrs Of Your Appointment By Email or Phone .

I Understand The Nature Of Life Circumstances.

During the Reiki Sessions I use my intuition and I'm clairaudient abilities to listen and feel my Spirit Guides. 

Time is an Illusion when

 I am guided during a session.

 I respect other people time and space.

  In Heart There Is Love Of No Lack And Fear

I offer private ​reiki circles in the Greater Los Angeles area and out of state as well in the comforts of your environment.

Gathering of friends, family, coworkers, celebrations and putting together retreats to be align with mind, body and spirit and raising your vibrations. I conduct Reiki circle sessions from 2 to 8 people. I look forward to being apart of the collectives personal growth and healing gathering.  

Crown Chakra

Spiritually (Violet)

Located at the top of the head. It is associated with the brain, nervous systems & pineal gland.  

Heart Chakra

Love & Healing (Green)

Located in center of chest . It is associated with the circulatory and respiratory system, arms, hands, shoulders, ribs, breasts, diaphragm & Thymus.

Third Eye Chakra

Awareness (Purple)

Located in the middle of forehead. It is associated with the pituitary gland, eyes, nose, ears & skeletal system.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Wisdom & Power (Yellow)

Located under the sternum. Its associated with the nervous system stomach, gall bladder, large intestine, liver and pancreas. 

Throat Chakra

Communication (Blue)

Located in base of throat area it is associated with the thyroid, larynx, trachea, ears, nose, teeth, mouth and throat. 

Sacral Chakra

Sexuality & Creativity (Orange)

Located under navel . Associated with the lymphatic and circulatory systems, kidneys, adrenals, skin. 

Root Chakra 

Basic & Trust (Red)

Located at base of spine. Associated with spine, bladder, blood, kidneys.



Namaskar. Ase. Akomi. Ai. Chinhollolih Love

(323) 486-2288

Look Forward To New Beginnings

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