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Energy Is The Light Force That Connects To What "We" Need




I am sending my higher vibrations of love, peace and light to the Gods and Goddesses on my website. My name is Desiree and my lineage of practice is African Traditional Igbo Dibia, Indian Native Choctaw and Folk Tribal Shaktism. I am a certified and authentic elevated Anthropology Master Reiki Practitioner . I am part of the International Reiki Organization and Insured Reiki Practitioner. I'm an intuitive High Priestess.


I am a healer on Divine Earth to guide and service you by healing and removing blockages from your Chakras and Nadis; and to embrace the light within yourself.

To become one with the Universe and your higher self. I am a nurturing individual fulfilling my Divine purpose on Earth to teach and apply Reiki into your life to balance, transform, heal energetically  and remove blockages to receive energy in your Nadis(Meridians) and Chakras; and heighten your Meridians(Nadis) being the Divine being that you are. 


I will use my hands above as well as apply some touch therapy on specific body parts placing my hands above and on your chakras. Using Reiki symbols, my intuition, my spirit guides and the universal life forces to channel energy to help you in your everyday life to heal from anxiety, depression, stress, addictions and toxic relationships.

Gaining personal growth with attaining goals, staying grounded with your higher self. Reiki helps you relax; bring clarity into your life, heightening your intuition, increase the vibrational frequency of your body and changing negative conditioning behaviors. Reiki is beneficial to pregnant woman and children. 


 Avoid in 24hrs indulging in alcohol or any substances before your Reiki session. Reiki will not benefit those under the influence as your working with the energy field and charging your body with positive energy.


During my Reiki sessions I enjoy bringing the Universal life forces in your atmosphere with Sounds of Nature, Celestial, Shamanic, Mantras and meditation music sometimes with Tibetan singing bowl, or bell. I work with Reiki symbols and Master Reiki symbol to accelerate the speed of a Reiki session with clients healing and personal growth transformation.


I am a mobile Reiki Practitioner. I am fulfilled to be divinely guided to heal others in the comforts of your environment or outdoors in nature with a portable massage table and I offer a 10 minute consultation to better understand your needs for Reiki .


 I offer distance Reiki sessions with consent given from ill family members and yourself.  I ask that during the Reiki session I can work in a quiet environment to engage with my spirit guides as well as quieting your mind to be at ease during our session.


Having a cleansed mind, heart and soul is healing






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Benefits of Reiki

Reiki helps you Relax

Reiki helps regulate the circadian rhythm (sleep and wake Cycle)

Reiki helps with your sexual Function 

Reiki helps relieves Pain

Reiki accelerates natural Healing

Reiki detoxifies the Body

Reiki increases the vibrational frequency of the Body

Reiki helps change negative conditioning & Behaviors

Reiki helps brings Clarity

Reiki dissolves energy Blockages

Reiki energizes You

Reiki calms You

 Reiki helps with physical health problems, addictions, emotional difficulties and relationship Problems. 

Reiki helps with attaining Goals







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Look Forward To New Beginnings 

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